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The Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023) kicked off in Barcelona, Spain on February 27th local time. With the theme of "VELOCITY-UNLEASHING TOMORROW'STECHNOLOGY-TODAY", the Congress gathered global mobile operators, chip makers, equipment manufacturers and other industry leaders to showcase the industry's cutting-edge technology innovation achievements.

As one of the three 5G chip companies in the global open market, UNISOC insists on the core of technological innovation and adheres to the principle of market-oriented and international development, presenting innovative technologies, products and rich application ecology in 5G, mobile communication, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other fields to global industrial partners in this Congress.

UNISOC showcased the industry's first 5G new call chip solution at the Congress. Recently, UNISOC, together with China Mobile Research Institute and terminal companies, took the lead in completing the verification of 5G New Calling end-to-end DC basic capability and became the first chip vendor in the world to complete Data Channel lab network verification.

UNISOC also joined hands with China Unicom to relaunch two new products: Unicom 5G CPE VN009 and Unicom Yanfei Module VN200. In addition, UNISOC showcased cutting-edge innovative technologies such as 5G R17 NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network), 5G R17 RedCap, 5G LAN, 5G R16 commercial cases, and 5G network slicing.

UNISOC has followed the evolution of 5G standards in the field of advanced technologies, and has taken the lead in promoting the development of standards and commercial implementation from 5G network slicing to 5G R16 and 5G R17, as well as completed the layout of the complete 5G technology and product portfolio from R15 to R17, and become one of the chip suppliers in the world supporting the full scenario of 5G eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC. Previously, UNISOC also successfully passed CMMI Level 5 certification, ranking among the top in the world in the software field.

Promoting Global Digital Industry Innovation and Development

Recently, the T820, UNISOC's system-level secure, high-performance 5G chip, was officially certified by Vodafone Group, marking an important milestone for UNISOC's 5G chip to provide 5G services to mobile users worldwide. Moreover, the T820 has passed the conformance test of GCF/PTCRB, a global terminal certification organization, enabling global interoperability and universality.

According to Counterpoint Research, the share of UNISOC in the global mobile processor market increased to approximately 11% by 2022, and consumer devices equipped with the UNISOC chips are sold worldwide1. UNISOC has become one of the world's top two cellular IoT chip and solution providers in the industrial field2. UNISOC's products and solutions have been commercially deployed by over 100 operators and industrial customers worldwide, enabling over 100 industrial terminal application scenarios in multiple markets around the world.

UNISOC actively undertakes corporate social responsibility and now provides Digital Intelligence services worldwide. UNISOC successfully passed the audit verification of the international authoritative alliance RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) at the end of 2022 and became a silver member of RBA, marking the breakthrough of UNISOC's CSR management and sustainability development.

Laying Out Automotive Electronics

NISOC demonstrated the first automotive-grade 5G smart cockpit chip platform - A7870 on site for global customers for the first time at this Congress. The solution complies with AEC-Q100 automotive specification test standards and meets the high reliability requirements of the front-mount market. UNISOC has successfully cooperated with leading automotive groups to achieve mass production of models equipped with UNISOC chips in the field of automotive electronics.

As a leading platform chip design company, UNISOC has always insisted its business on technological innovation. UNISOC adheres to market-oriented, multi-national principles, and actively innovates and develops in collaboration with its global industry partners. UNISOC is committed to becoming a leader in next-generation communication technologies. The company mission is to create value for industry and society, and utilize the light of science and technology brighten the human life.