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UNISOC is committed to creating a positive and corruption-free business atmosphere together with partners and establishing a healthy, win-win, and lasting cooperative relationship. We require our employees to strictly abide by laws and regulations and the UNISOC Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Employees in performing their duties and prohibit any violation of laws and ethics. A pleasant business atmosphere requires joint efforts of our partners and UNISOC employees.

1. UNISOC has zero tolerance for the following acts:
• Fraud involving information, data, and expenses;
• Accepting bribes, kickbacks or other favors;
• Embezzle and misappropriate the company's property;
• Divulging the company's trade secrets or prying into confidential, sensitive information like salary;
• Conduct insider trading in violation of company regulations;
• Conflicts of interest that are specified by the company;

2. Complaint and report accepted: We accept complaints involving UNISOC staff that violate business ethics, including illegal acts, top prohibited acts laid by UNISOC, dishonest behaviors, etc. We hope you can identify the report's specific object and provide as much effective evidence as possible to look into the report's content.

3. Confidentiality Commitment: We promise to keep the informants in good faith confidential and forbid anyone to retaliate against the informants and witnesses. Besides, we hope you can leave us effective contact details to timely send your feedback about the report's progress and results.

4. For malicious defamation to UNISOC employees or deliberate disruption of UNISOC’s normal business activities, we reserve the right to take legal action.

Reporting channels:
Email address: tousu@unisoc.com
Phone: 021- 20360614/17521617867
Address: Audit Supervision Department, 4th floor, Building 1, UNISOC, Lane 2288, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong District, Shanghai (You may write or report on the spot)
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Audit Supervision Department, 4th floor, Building 1, UNISOC, Lane 2288, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong District, Shanghai