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“Summiting” the Global Software Field! UNISOC successfully passes CMMI5 Certification


Recently, UNISOC officially passed the CMMI5 certification. This means that the Company has been recognized by international authorities in terms of software maturity and project management competence as a top international player in the software industry.

CMMI5 is the hardest-to-obtain and highest-level certification for software maturity in the world today. UNISOC’s recent breakthroughs in safety development, quality and service delivery are a follow-up to the Company’s success in passing CMMI4 certification in 2020, and meet the highest maturity standards of the system.

CMMI, short for “Capability Maturity Model Integration”, is an internationally recognized system for evaluating the maturity and normative standards of a software development process. CMMI is divided into five classes, recognizing five levels of software capability maturity. According to SEI data, after passing this certification, an enterprise will have its project estimation and control capabilities increased by about 40%~50%; its productivity will increase by 10% to 20%, while its software product error rate will decrease by more than 30%.

The success in passing CMMI5 certification indicates that UNISOC ranks among the top companies worldwide in terms of software development and management quality. As the world’s leading platform-based chip design enterprise, UNISOC has overcome numerous difficulties and started on a new journey of steady and orderly development in 2022. This is partly thanks to its new leadership team, especially Chairman Wu Shengwu and CEO Dr. Ren Qiwei. UNISOC will continue to practice Tsinghua Unigroup Co., Ltd.’s philosophy of “Going far with great ambition, and creating value”, and continue to develop new techniques while improving its technical competitiveness, in order to create better value for customers and contribute to making the world “smarter, more open, fairer and better”.