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UNISOC is the world’s leading chip design company. It is one of the few companies in the world that has fully mastered 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV FM, satellite communications and other related technologies. In the 5G field, UNISOC is one of the three 5G chip companies in the global open market.

UNISOC has extensive expertise in large-scale chip integration and complete peripheral chip integration. UNISOC product portfolio includes mobile communication central processing units, baseband chips, AI chipsets, radio frequency front-end chips, radio frequency chips and other communication, computing and control chips, etc. UNISOC field test covers 133+ countries and regions, and has passed shipment certification of 260+ operators worldwide. UNISOC has more than 500 customers including HONOR, realme, vivo, Samsung, moto, Hisense, ZTE, JD, UnionPay, and GREE.

UNISOC has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award several times, including one special prize and two first prizes, as well as submitted applications for more than 11,000 patents and possesses core patents such as 3G/4G/5G, multi-card multi-standby, and multi-mode.




R&D engineers

Mr. Ma Daojie——Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee of TSINGHUA UNIGROUP, and Chairman of UNISOC

Mr. Ma Daojie, graduated from the Department of Telecommunications Engineering of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Engineering, and later received a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Management from Norwegian Business School and a Doctor’s Degree in Business Administration from Rennes School of Business, France. He was a winner of the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and an expert enjoying Special Government Allowance of The State Council. He was the Former Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Guangxi Branch, Deputy General Manager of UNICOM VSENS COMMUNICATIONS CO.LTD ., General Manager of Tianyi Telecom Terminal Co., Ltd., General Manager of China Telecom Mobile Terminal Management Center, Vice Chairman of Labor Union of China Telecom Group, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Executive Vice President of Lenovo Mobile Business Group in China. After joining TSINGHUA UNIGROUP in December 2017, he has successively held such positions as Executive Vice President, President, Vice Chairman & President, Chairman & President of GUOXINMICRO, as well as Chairman of UNIC MEMORY, UNIMOS and UNIC LINXENS. Currently, he serves as Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee of TSINGHUA UNIGROUP, and Chairman of GUOXINMICRO.

Dr. Qiwei Ren——Executive Vice President of TSINGHUA UNIGROUP,CEO of UNISOC

Dr. Qiwei Ren received the bachelor and master degrees from Tsinghua University in 1992 and 1995 respectively, and Ph. D. from Delft University of Technology in 2002.In 2001, he joined in Philips Semiconductors in the Netherlands, worked for embedded memory development as senior designer and project leader. In 2006, he joined the design center of Qimonda Technology in Xi’an, China, as the Design Director for DRAM product development. In 2009 he promoted the acquisition as co-founder and re-found the design center as Xi’an Sinochip Semiconductors Co. Ltd, worked as general manager. In 2015 the company was acquired again and renamed as Xi’an UniIC Semiconductors Co. Ltd. In 2018 he started to work as CEO of UNIC memory technology Co. Ltd in the same time. From 2022, he becomes the CEO of UNISOC (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd.. In 2012-2017 he was part time professor in Xi’an Jiaotong University, and IEEE senior member for many years.