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The UNISOC RF front-end (RFFE) solutions are aimed to deliver high performance; power efficiency through its highly integrated family of chipssets. The RF front-end solutions are designed for products, including broadband power amplifier with multi-frequency band,, transmission modules, WIFI FEM, IoT front-end modules offering support of CAT0, CATM1, and CATNB1, T/R switches and has low pass filter. All these modules are designed to deliver division of band frequency in LTE enabled devices. UNISOC RFFE solutions improve RF performance by maintaining support to carriers and facilitating customer to easily manufacture multiband, multimode mobile devices having support to 3G and 4G.


A highly integrated multi-mode, multi-frequency power amplifier.

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RPM6442 - B42/B43

An efficient RF power amplifier supporting 3.4G-3.8G band.

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A premium front-end transceiving transmission module.

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A high-performance RFEE chip with a high linearity output power.

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RWL5305-21/RWL5306 - 21 -- 5G WIFI FEM

Groundbreaking RFEE chip with an extended feature of 5G WiFi FEM.

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RWL2305-11/RWL2306 - 11 -- 2G WIFI FEM

A high-performance IoT multi-band front-end module.

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A highly efficient multi-band IoT front end module supporting low and intermediate frequency

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