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Our PMU provides efficient power supply, and is coupled with a high performance audio module and other integrated peripherals in order to lower total system cost.

Efficient PMU

UNISOC's PMU supplies sufficient DCDC and LDO to reduce the number of required capacitors and lowering cost. Its simplified power design is achieved by reducing component numbers, while keeping high power and performance efficiency. UNISOC's PMU include server inductive interface to save space.

LTE Expert

High Performance Audio

UNISOC offer high performance audio capability by integrating cost-efficient audio module that supports multi-mic and background noise cancelling. Its high-performance audio systems are able to recreate the experience of live music at the highest level to its customer.

TD-SCDMA Market Leader

High Integration of Peripherals

UNISOC offers integrated peripherals such as a backlight driver, vibrator driver, AuxADS and others to extend the capabilities and functionalities of its models. Alongside, it is done to improve measurement quality and is offered as cost effective solution.

Global WCDMA Solution

Low-Budget Power Supply

UNISOC offer low-budget power supply by integrating the charger fuel gauge and thus reducing the cost of the charging system. With UNISOC's highly efficient power supply unit, extensive volume of power can be saved and have a significant impact on the unit price.

TD-SCDMA Market Leader