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Executive Leadership

Mr. Shijing Diao

Vice Chairman and CEO, UNISOC

In the field of ICT (information, communication and technology), Mr. Diao has more than 30 years industry experience. Prior to joining Unigroup, he was responsible for the national electronics industry planning, industrial policy formulation, and basic electronic and information communication industry operation and management.

Mr. Diao served successively as the Director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as MIIT), the Deputy Inspector of the Comprehensive Group of the State Council Informationization Office, the Deputy Director of the Office of the Ministry of Information Industry, the Director of the 13th Institute Management Office of the Ministry of Electronics Industry. Mr. Diao also served as the head of the National IC Industry Development Leading Group Office, the Vice Chairman of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee, the Chairman of the National Audio, Video and Multimedia System and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, the Vice Chairman of the Electronic Science and Technology Committee of the MIIT, and the member of the Communication Science and Technology Committee of the MIIT.

Dr.Shijing Diao

Mr. Steve Chu

Director of Board and Co-CEO, UNISOC

With more than 22 years solid experience, Mr. Chu is a well-known strategist in the communications and IC industry with strong technical capability. Prior to joining Unigroup, Mr. Chu was the Chief Strategy Officer of Hisilicon Semiconductors and Vice President of Strategy and Technology of Huawei Technologies. Mr. Chu is a technology pioneer in many important fields of mobile communications and microelectronics. He has founded and led several mobile chip design teams, releasing China's first mobile phone chip (CDMA), the earliest TD-SCDMA mobile phone chip, the first set of China WCDMA mobile phone chips. He is also one of the first technical leaders in China to mass-produce GSM base stations, a main founder of global broadband software radio base station technology, and a main initiator and promoter of the world's first wide-area IoT standard NB-IoT.

Along with a number of international patents, Mr. Chu had successful strategic investment and M&A experiences in many countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

Dr. Qing Cu