Camera, translator, assistants: 5 ways AI will change the smartphone experience

Sep 4, 2018

NEW DELHI [INDIA]: Artificial Intelligence on smartphones is one of the biggest trends to look out for in the upcoming years. While AI has numerous uses, on a handheld device, the benefits will be limited initially.

Here are 5 ways that AI will change your smartphone experience in the coming years:

AI-powered chipsets in low-costing mobile phones
UNISOC has found a unique way of integrating AI into the everyday lives of Indian of users. With its 40 percent share in the Indian market, including feature phones, UNISOC is in plans of releasing chipsets that would support artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. These chipsets would make it a reality for Indians to access advanced features, including facial recognition. Its applications are diverse and multi-faceted, such as securing the mobile phone and online transactions with facial recognition and a lot more.

Practical AI by automating personalised and contextual calls
Knowlarity, the cloud telephony leader, is leveraging next-gen Text-to-Speech services to take AI to masses in the form of “Personalised Contextual Automated Calls.” With the functionality giving complete control over pitch, accent and language, companies are able to offer a fully customised and excellent communication experience to their customers. This is achieved by accessing information from multiple data sources and key consumer insights.

Media Source: The Economic Times