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In times, where wireless communication network is taking over traditional communication methods, UNISOC cutting-edge chipsets helps to achieve the best of data transmission arrangement with it legacy in Bluetooth® products. These chipsets with efficient power management architecture not only extend battery life but also delivers a high-quality wireless audio experience. UNISOC portfolio of Bluetooth® Smart solutions known for excellent integrated transmission units, FM and high voice processing mechanism are highly adaptable and offer easy integration.


A highly integrated Wi-Fi data transmission chip that supports data transmission rate up to 150Mbps.

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A low-power MCU that is a high performance solution for Wi-Fi smart speakers and Wi-Fi smart homes.

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A premium Bluetooth® V4.2 audio SoC designed to cater to a range of wireless audio products.

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A highly integrated multi-media Bluetooth® SoC solution for music and audio applications.

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